Peace of Mind For you and your Family

Peace of Mind For you and your Family


We get it. Home security has to balance affordability and reliability. With Viking you get today’s fresh technology with tough-as-nails durability of the past.

Obsessive Durability

Nobody in the world spends more time dreaming up vandal resistant and weather protective security and communication devices.

Enhanced Weather Protection

You need your devices to withstand the weather - Viking products are available with Enhanced Weather Protection.

Features Galore

Color video? Done. Proximity reader? Let’s do it. Built-in bottle opener with an automatic dishwasher? Don’t get carried away here.

Questions? Let’s Talk You Through This

We’ve been around the block a time or two. Have a question? Give us a call; we're in the USA and we’ll talk it out.


E-Series VoIP SIP Door Phones

These PoE powered VoIP door phones integrate with both hosted and on-premise VoIP SIP phone systems. An on-board relay available on each SIP enabled entry phone model is able to seamlessly operate access control, lighting, and camera systems.


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Don’t Choose Between Smart or Durable. PICK BOTH.

Viking loves security and communication. We’ve been doing it since the first person landed on the moon in 1969.

Give your family peace of mind through reliable security.

At Viking, you get freaky smart tech products and battle-tested durability. You need trusted technology, you need a Viking.

Too many technical products are made to be replaced.

Our products are made with durability and 50+ years of American innovation baked right in. When our job is to protect your people, making reliable products that will last for years is worth it.


Made & Engineered in USA

At Viking “American Made” matters. It’s what built our company and it’s what keeps our products tough and reliable!

2 Year Warranty

We know you choose Viking because we get the job done. Need another reason? Two-year limited warranty, Viking has your back.

Free American Product Support

When you need product support, we won’t outsource your call. You’ll talk with one of our techs right here in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Hundreds of Products & Features

Every Viking product was designed for one reason: You needed us to find a solution. Now we’re 500+ products strong with piles of features so you can find the perfect solution for your install.

Tough Against Terrible Weather

We never shy away from a challenge and we know you don’t either. Enhanced Weather Protection means that from sunshine to snow storms, a Viking has to work.

Robust Product Documentation

Finding information should be quick and easy. Every product has a “Document on Demand” number. Enter that into our search bar and you get specs, features, instructions, and more in seconds flat.

50 Years of Unmatched Durability

The Viking legacy of grit and grace is built into every product. We’ve spent 5 decades perfecting your devices so they work when you need them.


The Best Gets Even Better

Reliability and innovation have been at the core of the Viking blueprint for more than 50 years. We bring you industry-leading technology of today and the “tough as nails” craftsmanship of the past. Take a look at what we have to offer in our latest catalog.

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