Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP)


For applications requiring an extra layer of protection against moisture, vehicle exhaust, pool chemicals or extreme temperatures, Viking’s Enhanced Weather Protection gives you the durability you need for years of service. Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) can tackle tough applications like ocean beach properties, swimming pool areas, parking garages, or anywhere a product is exposed to harsh elements.

Internal Protection

Inside EWP products the circuit board is encased in a strong polymer material that protects sensitive electronics.

Defends Against Moisture

The circuit board and other internal components are sealed from moisture and condensation.

Endures the Cold

EWP products stand up to cold weather. (We test our products in Wisconsin and we know cold weather!)

Withstands the Heat

EWP protects against soaring temperatures as well, humid or dry - we've got you covered.

Stops the Salt Assault

Corrosive locations such as near an ocean, parking garages, or indoor pool areas are extremely tough on electronics. EWP protects against corrosion from salt air, exhaust, chlorine, etc.

Meets IP66 Rating

All these features, plus the gaskets that are included with the product, help make Viking's Enhanced Weather Protection compliant with an IP66 rating.


Extreme weather happens, and you need to know your product is ready for the challenge. Enhanced Weather Protection (aka EWP) is tough. This video shows more than just a “drop test” – we buried an E-1600A-EWP emergency phone in the snow.

And left it there.

Don’t take our word for it though, watch the video yourself and see durability in action.


Watch what happens next...



From SUN to SNOW

We’ve got you covered!


Our Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) is designed with total reliability in mind. First, we encase the entire board in a clear polymer material. This unique defense allows the circuit board and it’s components to expand and contract, while maintaining weather resistance.

Then we use internally-sealed trim pots and DIP switches so you can adjust microphone and speaker volumes and set programming features right at the installation site. We seal all the external connections and use special push buttons, microphones, and speakers to shield against water penetration.

Finally, we include closed cell foam gaskets to be installed behind face plates and special wire connectors filled with anti-corrosive sealing gel to protect your product from the elements.

Does your installation require Enhanced Weather Protection?

If you answer “YES” to any of these statements, we recommend using a product with EWP.


  • The product is located outside where it is exposed to precipitation or condensation.
  • The product is exposed to high or low temperatures.
  • The product is mounted near an indoor or outdoor swimming pool or spa.
  • The product is mounted in an area with exposure to vehicle exhaust.
  • The product wiring uses conduit which could funnel warm inside air to the product mounted outside, causing condensation on the circuit board.
  • The product is mounted in a location with a known corrosive atmosphere.
  • The temperature of the product can get below the dew point.

“A customer in Florida swapped one of our analog EWP entry phones for one of our VoIP EWP phones at his beach home. The analog Viking phone was still fully functional even after 10+ years of service in the salty humid Florida weather.” 

– Greg Yocom, Senior Engineer at Viking Electronics



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